Monday, January 19, 2009

We Spent 5 days at Disney World last week with Jon and Jane. It was a great vacation and the first we have taken as a family. The kids loved their one on one time with Hepa and Nema. Garrett loved the attention that he received from the characters, especially the pretty ones!

Garrett got a little action.
He was covered with kisses!! What a proud daddy!

Riley and her look-a-like, Belle

Belle and one of her favorites, Sleeping Beauty

Riley was not late for the ball and was able to meet Cinderella.

Can we say mini me?!

Hepa, that's a good look for you!

Hepa's little Princess

Dreams do really come true at Disney World!

What a "goofy' bunch!

Riley loves that she was tall enough for some of the rides and attractions. She was even more thrilled that she was more than tall enough for Goofy's barn rollercoaster. You will get a laugh out of this video. Watch Riley's expressions. She gets her facial expressions from her dad that is for sure!

Monday, January 5, 2009

A new addition to the household....

Okay so since the beginning of the New Year we have been very busy preparing for our new arrival. We have organized and cleaned and it all payed off. Jordan Cahoon arrived Sat. night with her dad, Ren. Jordie is our new addition to the Moser Clan. She is going to school down town and will be staying with us until she gets into housing. Jordie is my sister in every way but blood!! Her family has done more for me than anyone especially in my greatest time of need! I am so very happy that she will be in my home and in my life in on a daily basis. I am excited that my kids get to know her as well.

**Sorry no news to share on any other additions! Sorry if I disappointed anyone. :)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas traditions

We spent our Christmas Eve with Steven and Becca and the Peterson's. Becca and Steven hosted a wonderful night. Becca sure made the table just beautiful! She made a great meal!
Evan just loves to "cheese" when he sees the camera.

The kids at their table. They loved it and really left the area surprisingly clean.

Up for new traditions. Scott like the Polar Express so much he has suggested that our little family have our own Polar Express night a few nights before Christmas. So we made cookies together as a family and made our hot cocoa to go along. I think it was a big hit and will be continued next year.

Looks so good who needs to wait til next Christmas?! :)