Thursday, December 18, 2008

An entertaining Christmas Party

~EAGLE SPRINGS WARD CHRISTMAS PARTY~ Scott was asked to play Santa for the Ward Party this year. He did a great job and even has his own kids fooled!! Riley and Garrett were the 2nd group of kids in line. Garrett was okay with "Santa" from a distance, excited even. However, when he was close and he realized what was going on he began to fight it. He flipped out when I forced him on "Santa's" lap, aka. dad! It was so funny and everyone was just rolling because they knew Santa was really Scott. Can't wait till I can show him the picture when he is a bit older.
Well it is official. Our little girl is all grown up and engaged. Yes, it is true! At our Ward Christmas party this weekend she proposed to her classmate Tate. Thier reactions are priceless and were caught on camera by the perfect timing of tate's dad. What a great laugh that has provided us all. Really their faces and body language speak volumes!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

We live up to our title...

White Elephant time!!

Some days there really is a madness that goes through our home. This past few weeks have been no exception. Thanksgiving was spent in Arizona with the Moser's. That included a trip to the museum, train park, zoo lights, temple lights, turkey trot,Sedona, the Grand Canyon and last but not least a trip to the North Pole aboard the Polar Express! It was a whirl wind but a fantastic trip home. The day after we got home it was Riley's 4th b-day and also the day we found out the Grandpa Great (Grandpa Bradford) passed away earlier in the morning. So 2 days later I found myself throwing Riley's birthday party and boarding a plane for SLC a few hours later. Once the weekend was over it was time to come back home and finish the last minute details for our Christmas Party we (meaning me), decided to throw. We had over 50 people (of all ages) in our home. It was fantastic! I actually only got stressed the hour prior cause I really wanted to shower and get ready. Anyway, like I said we live up to the Moser Madness, but in all reality, I don't think we would have it any other way. We definitely love our families and would do anything for them. As for our friends, well.....we love you like family also!!!
I will add pics from the trip to AZ soon. I need to track some down.