Tuesday, September 16, 2008

aftermath of Ike

This is our "river" that has actually recedded at least 5ft. or more in the last hour or so. This is usually a fairly small bayou. When the wind would kick up we had white caps out there.
This is one view of the damage in our backyard. Again we are grateful it was not too serious!
Here is a home right around the corner that is going to be torn down and they will have to begin the framing all over again.
This is our place at sunset Sat. night. It was beautiful with all the clouds still in the sky. There is something positive in everything I am learning.
We celebrated Becca's (sis-in-law) b-day with smores on Sunday night. The flash does not do this moment justice. We actually had a lamp on and that was it. It was a lot of fun cooking smores at the table and it was first for everyone else.

Well as of Monday night we had our power restored to us. We could not be more grateful for not only the expierence but the safety we have been blessed with. We also have loved being able to open our own doors to Elder White, Elder McBride and Elder Matheson. They became family to us while they were here and our kids absolutely feel in love with them. We wish them the best of luck in the remainder of their missions, especially the upcoming days and weeks. I personally loved seeing the inner workings of mission life and the moments that you don't always get to be apart of. (ie. birthday)

Anyway, the hurricane definitely brought destruction and devastation but the Lord will not let this opportunity pass for his work to go on. I will end up posting more pics of the service that was done locally to help others. Again, thank you for your prayers, messages, e-mails and just your thoughts!!

We love you all


Monday, September 15, 2008

What to do?

Here is Riley, Garrett and their cousin Evan killing some time as we got ready for Ike. I'm not sure that they were close enough to the TV.
Riley had a blast finding frogs with "our Elder's". She was so proud of her catch!!
Here are Elders White, McBride, and Matheson. They helped us entertain the kids be taking advantage of the wind.
Riley and her friend Connor just having fun being together. We had an impromptu dinner with our friends that Whartons and the some kite flying as well.
Here are the Elder's all cleaned up after a long day helping us as we finished getting ready for Ike.

We has quite the adventure with Ike this past weekend. I will be posting some more pics of the aftermath. I actually had this post already to go when we lost power Friday night. This has been our first chance to have internet long and strong enough to get this up. We had a great time killing time in anticipation of the storm. We decided to take advantage of the wind and fly our kite. Riley has been wanting to do that for so long and we decided what better time than right before a hurricane. We want to thank those of you that tried to call, text and e-mail. We were able to get them here and there it was just difficult to get the word back out to all of you. Like I said I will post more in the morning after I can get some pics uploaded!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hurricane Prepardness

We are practicing our emergancy prepardness once again. With hurricane season in full force we are once again grateful for our church teachings in being prepared. With the recent move we have had to go out and get a few things here and there, but not much though. Gustav came and went a week and half ago and we didn't see a drop of rain. With Ike however we are thinking we may actually get some rain and winds! Scott and I are hosting a BBQ Saturday for his softball team. That of course is right when we are to be hit by the Hurricane. We have offically changed our theme to a hurricane party. If we have to sit it out we might as well have fun doing it. Short of leaving we are as ready as we can be. It doesn't hurt to ask for you to all keep us in your thoughts and prayers though.
Love ya

Monday, September 8, 2008

many firsts

Riley attended Ballet for the first time last Wed. She is really excited to be involved in a real class as well as to make new friends. Not quite sure what position she was going for here.
Possibly a curtsie.
Riley learned 1st position and was more than willing to show it off!

Today was the first day of pre-school for Riley! She was so excited to have her backpack and a lunch box. She was able to join her new class today that only has 6 kids. We are following the Mother Goose Program (similar to Joy School). She is anxious to learn and I am looking forward to the new free time I will have with Garrett. Today was a day of another first (sort of). As many of my friends know, I have another nickname I ocassionally go by. Today I earned it, "Grace". I fell while trying to chase Garrett down so he wouldn't get to close to the construction across the street. I felt like an idiot when I realized my mishap had been noticed by some of the crew. I was further embarrassed when a couple hours later my wrist was throbbing and I was barely able to move it. As it turns out I sprained my wrist and will be wearing a splint for a few days!! As the title goes...Moser Madness!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The new house

Just so happy to finally be in our home.
Scott is actually helping me paint!!

As promised here are a couple pics of what we have done on the inside. There are a couple more things in the works and I hope to complete them this week so I can get pictures up. These are pictures of the family room and kitchen eating area. The furniture we bought when we got the house. Our first real furniture!!! The barstools and pendant lights were my birthday gift from Scott, the kids and my in-laws. I am loving the new house and am really enjoying making it into our home.

Monday, September 1, 2008


Okay so this might take some time as far as getting caught up. We are in our new home and finally have a new address. 17406 Guadalupe trail Ct. Humble TX 77346

We closed on our house the 15th of August and have had the pleasure of moving in ever since. Thankfully I have had help this time around. Jane has been here helping me unload and organize. She has also been finishing up the bedding she made for Riley's new room! I will post pictures of that when her room is finished. (hopefully this week). Also, Becca has been over to help paint and do what is needed as well. Friends from church have been kind enough to take Riley a couple times just so I could have a couple of hours to get some work done! Thank you to all that have helped.

With that said the pics I am going to post are not of the house. Not yet anyway. Sorry, I need to take some new ones tomorrow in the morning. It is too late and dark to do justice. (Plus I would like to finish painting one wall).
Garrett is really into doing what ever Riley is doing. Might it be dancing like a ballerina or having pretty hair. He will even join her in time out so they are both not alone! Garrett is truly the best "hombre" and still continues to make others smile. I will say that as hard as I laughed at the turquoise leotard, my favorite pic is his Elton John impersonation!! Gotta love the cheesy grin!! I promise now that I have found my USB cord more pics are on the way!!