Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Pinetop Lake

The Moser's set up a 5 day retreat from the heat at Pinetop Lake. It was much cooler (anywhere from mid 80's to 90's). Aunt Anne was there and the kids immediately took to her. Scott and I have been very grateful for the time we have been able to share with family over the last 3 years. I know that Riley has really grown to know and love her different family members because of it. We will be sad that we will not be able to travel as much anymore. Thanks Mosers and Marriotts for a great time! Our first family picture where Cooper actually is looking at the camera.
I think the kids might actually like each other!! :)
Future artist in training!
Garrett enjoying his first walking stick! He picked that up as part of a photo scavenger hunt the cousins participated in.
Just like squirrels, they are collecting some pine cones. Only this again was for the photo scavenger hunt. Garrett was having fun finding the pine cones, adding them to the pile and then of course throwing them. What a boy!


Tiffany Jones said...

The kids are getting so big! crazy!

Lori Marie said...

Hey Shalice!!! It's Lori, your old friend from Maryland! How have you been? I found you blog today while was reading Summer's. Your family is adorable. It's been to catch up sometime soon! (