Thursday, November 20, 2008

busy times

Well with Scott in Nigeria for the past week(work related), I have tried to keep myself pretty busy. I finshed painting Riley's bedroom and the Family room. I have got most of our Christmas decorations up already as well. It seems silly to have them up before Thanksgiving. However, with us going to Arizona tomorrow for the Holiday I didn't want the added stress of doing it when we got home. Riley's 4th birthday is the day after we fly home and she is having her b-day party that coming Friday morning. Also we are hosting a huge Christmas party (much larger than I thought) and I want to be ready. So today on top of cleaning, laundry, packing and last minute errands; I will be making pizza crust (about 100 fist size crusts) for the party. Like I said, so I don't stress out when I get home. Now I can just stress about it before I go!! :) Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!


Marnee Marriott said...

Wow... did you know they have places that will deliver pizzas to your door? No stress involved. :)

Tiffany Jones said...

You always amaze me!