Thursday, December 18, 2008

An entertaining Christmas Party

~EAGLE SPRINGS WARD CHRISTMAS PARTY~ Scott was asked to play Santa for the Ward Party this year. He did a great job and even has his own kids fooled!! Riley and Garrett were the 2nd group of kids in line. Garrett was okay with "Santa" from a distance, excited even. However, when he was close and he realized what was going on he began to fight it. He flipped out when I forced him on "Santa's" lap, aka. dad! It was so funny and everyone was just rolling because they knew Santa was really Scott. Can't wait till I can show him the picture when he is a bit older.
Well it is official. Our little girl is all grown up and engaged. Yes, it is true! At our Ward Christmas party this weekend she proposed to her classmate Tate. Thier reactions are priceless and were caught on camera by the perfect timing of tate's dad. What a great laugh that has provided us all. Really their faces and body language speak volumes!!!


Tiffany Jones said...

The picture of Garrett is priceless! Love it!!

KD said...

I found you on Aline's blog. Leighton looks just like Garrett when he sits on Santa's lap. We skipped that this year. Especially since our ward Christmas party was canceled because of the weather. Leighton is one major two year old going through what two year olds do and it makes me tired!

Megan said...

I love the screaming kids. It's funny how scary Santa can be, even when he's your own dad.
Merry Christmas