Thursday, June 19, 2008

house update

We are still in Arizona just relaxing. We just got an update about our new home. They began putting the brick on this week and they should start the drywall in the next couple days. We are very excited to soon be in Texas and to see our home for ourselves. It is hard to only see it progress through pics. Hope that you all come for a visit while we are there.



Marnee Marriott said...

We loved looking at all the pics of your new house~ we can't wait to come and visit and see in person. Thanks for a fun week up in Pine Top!

Tiffany Jones said...

We are sad we didn't get to see you on your way out of Washington. :( Your house looks beautiful. Good luck in texas!

jaesi said... are through with the Navy huh?
awesome. We have 10 months and counting!!!
And what part of TX are you going to be in. We are considering all parts of the southwest including texas.
I cant wait for it!