Friday, June 6, 2008

It's begun

On Memorial day we had a chance to say a final goodbye to dear friends. Scott the kids and I will miss you all very much. Thank you to the women of the Wardroom for your friendship and support over the time we have known one another. To the 1st ward....THANK YOU! We have loved our church family and the opportunities we have had with all of you. Our door is open to all of our friends if you happen to be in our neck of the woods!!
Garrett was known as the "ladies man". He and LisMarie really had a thing for each other.
Our first stop was in Spokane Washington. We spent 2 nights (Garrett ended up with a mild case of Chicken Pox) with Jon and Lorna Martinez (Cousins) and their 5 kids. We had so much fun going downtown to the park and going on the carousel, playing on a giant red flyer wagon, feeding the garbage goat, and being splashed by the ever high, Spokane River!! Thank you so much Martinez family. We love you all and hope you can come visit soon!!
Riley and Clarissa in line for the carousel! Sorry girls I couldn't upload any more. I will send them via e-mail!
We spent some time in Yellowstone Park. Here are the kids in front of Old Faithful before it began. The kids loved seeing all the wild animals. Riley would jump out of the car with Scott or I to take pictures of the buffalo, elk, eagle, and even a grizzly bear that we spotted. (My 1st sighting in Yellowstone) We spent the night in Island Park at the Blad's cabin. It was beautiful and it was a nice quiet retreat. We spent time with my brother and his family in Idaho Falls. The kids had a great time with their cousins. Sadly that was the only time we were able to spend with them. We are now in Utah with my parents. I will post more in a bit. Sorry this has taken so long. We have either had no connection or it was taking forever to get the pics uploaded.
More soon
S&S and kids


Craig, Kim, Kylie, & Jillian Thayer said...

I miss you already and can't wait until Vegas! I'm jealous of your trip to Yellowstone - I would've loved to see Old Faithful! Have a safe trip & we'll see you soon!!

Love ya,

Jane said...

What happened to my baby Garrett? He looks like some little boy has taken over his body. And Riley - you look so grown up too with your new haircut. We can't wait to see you in a few days! Love you all.