Monday, September 8, 2008

many firsts

Riley attended Ballet for the first time last Wed. She is really excited to be involved in a real class as well as to make new friends. Not quite sure what position she was going for here.
Possibly a curtsie.
Riley learned 1st position and was more than willing to show it off!

Today was the first day of pre-school for Riley! She was so excited to have her backpack and a lunch box. She was able to join her new class today that only has 6 kids. We are following the Mother Goose Program (similar to Joy School). She is anxious to learn and I am looking forward to the new free time I will have with Garrett. Today was a day of another first (sort of). As many of my friends know, I have another nickname I ocassionally go by. Today I earned it, "Grace". I fell while trying to chase Garrett down so he wouldn't get to close to the construction across the street. I felt like an idiot when I realized my mishap had been noticed by some of the crew. I was further embarrassed when a couple hours later my wrist was throbbing and I was barely able to move it. As it turns out I sprained my wrist and will be wearing a splint for a few days!! As the title goes...Moser Madness!


Anne said...

Yea!! I'm so excited for your dance classes, Riley! I think I'm going to start taking ballet as well. We will have to perform a dance for everyone at Thanksgiving!

Sheesh - sorry about your wrist! At least you are used to being a mom without the use of your wrist! ;-)

Lauren Maley said...

Oh Sheesh!!! I am sorry about your wrist, you were always quite graceful. Your kiddos sure are cute!

Tiffany Jones said...

Riley is adorable!!!!!!!!!! Sorry to hear you hurt yourself. I hope it feels better soon.

Craig, Kim, Kylie, & Jillian said...

Wow! Riley looks so cute in her leotard & tights and looks so excited for school! Kylie loves it and can't wait to go each day! I am so sorry to hear about your wrist! I hope you feel better soon! I love you & miss you lots!

Levi, Christine, and Gideon said...

Riley is so cute, and Shaliece, I really couldn't help but laugh when I heard your story... don't get me wrong, I feel terrible about your injury (pride and wrist), but I have done similar things rescuing my little guy from sure death and danger and I just imagined it happening to me!