Monday, September 15, 2008

What to do?

Here is Riley, Garrett and their cousin Evan killing some time as we got ready for Ike. I'm not sure that they were close enough to the TV.
Riley had a blast finding frogs with "our Elder's". She was so proud of her catch!!
Here are Elders White, McBride, and Matheson. They helped us entertain the kids be taking advantage of the wind.
Riley and her friend Connor just having fun being together. We had an impromptu dinner with our friends that Whartons and the some kite flying as well.
Here are the Elder's all cleaned up after a long day helping us as we finished getting ready for Ike.

We has quite the adventure with Ike this past weekend. I will be posting some more pics of the aftermath. I actually had this post already to go when we lost power Friday night. This has been our first chance to have internet long and strong enough to get this up. We had a great time killing time in anticipation of the storm. We decided to take advantage of the wind and fly our kite. Riley has been wanting to do that for so long and we decided what better time than right before a hurricane. We want to thank those of you that tried to call, text and e-mail. We were able to get them here and there it was just difficult to get the word back out to all of you. Like I said I will post more in the morning after I can get some pics uploaded!


Andi & Family said...

Glad to hear you guys are okay. I was relieved it wasn't going to hit LA, where another friend is, then I saw it was going to where you guys are and started wondering how you were faring...looks like you had some fun!

Marnee Marriott said...

Love the frogs! I used to catch tadpoles during the monsoons out here and watch them hatch to frogs. They never lived too long after they hatched, though... hmmm