Monday, September 1, 2008


Okay so this might take some time as far as getting caught up. We are in our new home and finally have a new address. 17406 Guadalupe trail Ct. Humble TX 77346

We closed on our house the 15th of August and have had the pleasure of moving in ever since. Thankfully I have had help this time around. Jane has been here helping me unload and organize. She has also been finishing up the bedding she made for Riley's new room! I will post pictures of that when her room is finished. (hopefully this week). Also, Becca has been over to help paint and do what is needed as well. Friends from church have been kind enough to take Riley a couple times just so I could have a couple of hours to get some work done! Thank you to all that have helped.

With that said the pics I am going to post are not of the house. Not yet anyway. Sorry, I need to take some new ones tomorrow in the morning. It is too late and dark to do justice. (Plus I would like to finish painting one wall).
Garrett is really into doing what ever Riley is doing. Might it be dancing like a ballerina or having pretty hair. He will even join her in time out so they are both not alone! Garrett is truly the best "hombre" and still continues to make others smile. I will say that as hard as I laughed at the turquoise leotard, my favorite pic is his Elton John impersonation!! Gotta love the cheesy grin!! I promise now that I have found my USB cord more pics are on the way!!


Ken, Rachel, Maya, and Daisy said...

Glad to hear you guys are settling in. We're looking forward to seeing pictures of the house!

Anne said...

What are you doing to my nephew?!?! Scott should know how pictures can resurface... Garrett is going to hate that picture when he gets older!

Tiffany Jones said...

So so cute!!!!

Alexis said...

You will definitely have to pull those photos out and embarass him when he is a teenager. hehehe